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HETA’s Quad outdoor pellet burner is a new and revolutionary garden product that, in addition to, being a beautiful piece of furniture, can also extend summer evenings with a beautiful and warming fire.

Quad is made of the popular Corten steel, which Heta has used for outdoor products for many years. Corten steel forms a nice patina surface that can withstand all weather conditions. HETA Quad is 50 cm high and 37 cm wide at the bottom. The inner removable combustion chamber is filled with approx. 4 kg wood pellets, which gives nice high flames for approx. 1,5 hours, after which embers maintain a high temperature for another 1,5 hours. At the bottom of the HETA Quad, a fan is mounted which, together with the included power bank, ensures the controlled combustion.

HETA Quad is ideal for the terrace, where it will create atmosphere, light and coziness in the late hours. Just as it is great for welcoming guests at the entrance of the house or in front of the restaurant. When the flames die out, the subsequent glow layer is ideal for children to make marshmallows etc.

The combustion is completely odor and smoke free, and the only thing you hear are the flames dancing. When the fire and embers die out, the combustion chamber is removable making it easy to empty the little ash that has not been burned, once empty the combustion chamber can be refilled with dry wood pellets. Then reapply the supplied gel, which easily ignites the pellets, and the cozy fire continues.


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