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The Pit Barrel drum cooker is a versatile culinary companion that can handle everything from brisket to veggies with remarkable ease and precision. With unmatched capacity, it outperforms regular horizontal cookers at a fraction of the cost.


The drum stands at 36 inches in height, including the lid and sturdy stand, with a generous 25-inch width, complete with side handles for easy maneuvering.



  • A robust 30-gallon steel drum for reliable and consistent performance.
  • 8 stainless steel hooks for versatile and secure meat hanging.
  • 2 steel hanging rods for enhanced cooking flexibility.
  • A charcoal basket for precise temperature control.
  • A standard grill grate to diversify your cooking options.
  • A wooden hook remover for added convenience.
  • A stable 3-point barrel stand for secure and hassle-free cooking.

Pit Barrel Cooker

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