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Introducing the Ozpig Series 2, your all-in-one outdoor entertainment solution.


In the warmer months, embrace the joys of charcoal cooking with the Oven Smoker, Rotisserie, and chargrill attachments. As the temperatures drop, the Series 2 takes center stage as a cozy and safe fire pit, efficiently containing the warmth and radiance of a woodfire. Its thoughtfully designed safety features, such as extension legs, a solid bottom to capture ash, and a mesh door with a spark arrestor, ensure peace of mind while you enjoy the outdoors.



  • 1 x Ozpig Steel Cooker Body
  • 1 x Customised Carry Bag
  • 1 x BBQ Plate
  • 1 x Large Warming / BBQ Plate
  • 4 x Zinc Coated Legs
  • 4 x Zinc Extension legs
  • 3 x Chimney Sections
  • 1 x Spark Arrestor
  • 1 x Multi-purpose tool (Wood poker and plate lift handle)
  • 1 x Mesh Floor Fire Grate
  • 1 x Comprehensive Instruction Manual

Ozpig Series 2

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