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LeChef PRO-Series 2.0 is a large and versatile charcoal barbecue that offers limitless opportunities for grilling, smoking, baking, cooking, barbecuing or roasting.


It is the largest and heaviest grill of the Monolith family, with a grid diameter of 55cm and a weight of 140kg. This makes it perfect for cooking large amounts of meat or multiple dishes at the same time, making it ideal for large families, parties, restaurants or caterers.



  • Brand new lid Hinge System
  • Stainless steel and Fibreglass Gasket Sealing System
  • Guru ready 
  • Re-designed cast iron Top Valve
  • LeChef – Pro-Series Smart Grid System
  • LeChef – Pro-Series Firebox
  • LeChef – Smoking Chips Feeder System
  • LeChef – Charcoal Basket with Divider
  • Grid Lifter
  • Stainless steel bands and hinge
  • Unique Smoke Wood Pellet Feeder System
  • Locking castors

Monolith LeChef Pro Series 2 in red (with cart)

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