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This charcoal barbecue is your gateway to limitless options, including grilling, smoking, baking, cooking, barbecuing, and roasting, all within a single, versatile unit.


Enhanced with Monolith's PRO-Series 2.0 features, this barbecue takes performance and user-friendliness to new heights. Experience the benefits of a brand-new lid hinge system, a stainless steel and fibreglass gasket sealing system, Guru compatibility for added control, and a redesigned cast iron top valve. These enhancements not only improve cooking performance but also make your experience with the Monolith Classic PRO-Series 2.0 even more seamless.



  • Integrated Pit Viper blower
  • Pro-Series Smart Grid System
  • Pro-Series Firebox
  • Smoking Chips Feeder System
  • Charcoal Basket with Divider
  • Grid Lifter
  • Stainless steel bands and hinge
  • Unique Smoke Wood Pellet Feeder System
  • Locking castors
  • (controller not included)

Monolith Classic Pro Series 2 in black (with cart) BBQ Guru Edition

£1,699.00 Regular Price
£1,529.10Sale Price
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